Vision, mission and core values



Our aim is to become one of the most trusted construction company in Vietnam. Not only bringing good things to customers, the Company also creates opportunities and pride for its employees when working at the Company.


The mission of Bang Duong Company is to bring the best solutions and services, meeting customer expectations, helping customers achieve the goals of their business strategy.

We value our success based on the success of our partners and customers. That success is based on factors of quality, assurance of safety during the construction and use process, on schedule, appropriate prices … of products and services that we serve customers.

Company values

Respect: We respect the law and the community, respect customers and partners, respect shareholders and employees.

Trust: We believe that honesty brings trust in all relationships and transactions with our customers’ partners and employees … Bang Duong Company considers honesty as one of the top criteria in our work and business valuation.

Team work: We always encourage the coordination between the departments of the employees in the company, working in groups to help us get many good ideas and contribute to the success of the Company.

Labor safety: We contribute to building a safe working environment for stakeholders and surrounding areas. We protect the environment in all conditions. We always try to assess the potential risks of unsafety and timely overcome them.